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            Joan Fletcher                           R.I.P.   9th October 1935  -  23rd October 2021

     Joan spent 8 Weeks in hospital with Severe Pneumonia.

    Joan passed away Peacefully in the early hours of Saturday

    23rd October 21, at the James Paget Hospital - aged 86.


      Joan was Cremated on Thursday 11th November 21

      If you would like to pay tribute to Joan

      the family have asked  for donations to be made to the : 


            East Anglian Air Ambulance 

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  Joan was one of the Founding members of the club, an active member being our Competition Secretary until 2018 when ill health forced her to leave.

  " Joan had been a member for many years and many years as our competition secretary.

  She will be missed by many especially those who regularly pop in to Fletchers.  Joan suggested that I join the club on my retirement - I am always grateful for that "  Alan Novak

      "She was a lovely, intelligent lady and the world is a sadder place for her passing"  Tony Bushkes

 "Very sad to hear this news,  Joan used to run the comps, sometimes Joan and the laptop didn’t see   eye to eye but she got that thing working her way in the end, she will be missed" Glen Gardiner

 "When I reached my retirement Joan suggested that I take up photography and so introduced  me to   the joy of photography and to the club.  She was a very competent and enthusiastic photographer   and was always very generous with her time helping the novices in the club.   She will be sadly   missed by many and especially the older members who knew her in better times"  David Cowling

"Joan will be missed by all who knew her"   Terry Stringer

"Joan was friendly and encouraging, well turned out and good company,

clever with tech for a lady of her era. A much missed member of the club."  Gillian Denny

 " Joan was a great organiser of comps when I joined and was always very encouraging to me. Very sad to hear of her passing"  Louise Dolan

"Sad news indeed!  It was Joan that first introduced me to the club when she asked me to come a judge a competition there some time in the late 1980s"  Richard Courridge

"Joan and I went out a few times together taking photos. Even spent a weekend away in York. She was good company always smiling and a good photographer. Always helpful at the club.

She will be sadly missedHazel Farrow

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