Events 2020

Meetings have now been suspended until the current crisis

of the Corona virus is deemed over.

The decision to suspend the club has not been taken lightly, we must act in accordance with the government guidelines to stay home.

We look forward to when restrictions are lifted and it is deemed safe to return to  the normal structure of our lives.

But ..   we are now able to Zoom, so those members who can and want to join us - we are putting a Programme together for continued Online Zoom monthly competitions and members evenings in the safety of your own homes.

If any members wish to join in but have a problem setting up Zoom, please let Gillian know and we will give you a hand.

2nd December 2020 - Sequence Competition

Our Judge is : Gerry Metcalfe

We are Zooming the competition. 

Entries will be put on the website.

Each entry shall each consist of five (5) numbered PIs and a title image. Number of entries – maximum of 2 Sequences.

Please get you sequences of images to Gillian

by Monday 30th November the latest. 

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