Events 2020

Meetings have now been suspended until the current crisis

of the Corona virus is deemed over.

The decision to suspend the club has not been taken lightly, we must act in accordance with the government guidelines to stay home.

We look forward to when restrictions are lifted and it is deemed safe to return to  the normal structure of our lives.

22nd July 2020 - AV Competition

Our Judge for the AV competiton is Andy Swain

Andy has kindly agreed to Judge our presentations from home. 

Again the entires will be put on the website for Andy & us to see, as well as scoring he will also make a few notes on each.

  Gillian will email the scoresheet out to our members as soon as she receives it back and has added the names.

Please send your AV files for the 22nd of July by email or on a stick &

drop off to Gillian by the end of Monday 20th July 2020.

(file size to be no more than 350MB please)

Our rules state that no more than 15 entries are allowed - but seeing as

there are no real time restrictions at this moment in time - I cannot see why more than 15 would be a problem.

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